The Haven (Home & Hospital)

The Haven Classroom

The Haven provides education and support for Key Stage 3 & 4 students who are unable to attend their mainstream school due to several different reasons, mainly around physical and emotional health. Students may attend the Haven Classroom full time or part time depending upon their individual needs.

Our main purpose, while they are with us, is to ensure where possible, that the young person is able to continue with their education and return to their home school as soon as they are able to. Consequently, the student is registered with both establishments and after six weeks the placement is reviewed. Students are referred by their home school and support for the referral is sought from any associated medical practitioners involved.
The Haven classroom is very small and students are taught in small groups. This allows the students to feel safe and supported. The school day follows the pattern of a mainstream school day, as far as possible, but omits the transient nature involved with the large building of a mainstream school which can often be a stressful factor in a ‘normal’ school day. The aim is to allow students to take some time away from this and gradually ease back into everyday school life.


Occasionally, students who have been referred for very specific medical reasons are unable to attend the Haven Classroom and need to receive tuition in their home. We work very closely with students, parents and support agencies to review these programmes regularly, ensuring we provide the appropriate provision. Where possible we encourage students to access learning within our Haven Classroom or when ready, support a transition back to mainstream. In order for a student to receive home tuition there is a list of requirements to make this possible.

A full copy of our Home and Hospital policy is available from the main office or our school website.

Positive Feedback

The staff at The Horizon School, Hartlepool take time to listen and build relationships with all the students.

Annais (Student)

I have a better relationship with the teachers at The Horizon School, Hartlepool. They listen to me and help me with my work

Sean (Student)

Teachers have high aspirations for pupils and their next steps in life...Pupils are well prepared to leave school after Year 11.

OFSTED Inspectors