“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” 

– Maya Angelou



We teach PSHE at The Horizon School to not only ensure that students are well equipped for the challenges that life has a habit of throwing at us, but also to improve life chances and encourage an interest and participation in the things that will affect them both directly and indirectly.  Students can aspire to develop their knowledge and skills in Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World and Relationships.  These three categories are the focus across the curriculum for the students each year.  Votes for Schools is an additional teaching resource that we use to ensure students are given the voice and opportunity to discuss matters that are playing out across the world, at that particular moment in time.  This allows them to gain insight and form an opinion on matters that the rest of the world is discussing, making them feel part of the picture.


The categories rotate throughout the year to ensure equal coverage across all three and where possible, the sequence fits what is happening at that point in time for students.  For example, mental health is a priority at the beginning of the school year when academic pressure is slightly less and motivation and attitude are paramount to making a good start. Financial Decision Making is placed at the point when KS4 pupils may begin to earn their own money and start to gain financial responsibilities.  Within these categories we break the teaching down into a wide range of smaller topics that allow students to discuss and understand issues such as mental health, puberty, romantic and sexual relationships, employability, financial decision making, work experience, First Aid training etc.  These topics are delivered through a combination of teacher led lessons, outside agencies, links to colleges and community based initiatives.  The use of external support allows students to benefit from the expertise of those in the field and can help in establishing lifelines for when they leave the Horizon School provision.


By the time students leave our school, they should be equipped with knowledge and skills that allow them to take up their place in society with confidence and security; knowing where to go for help or guidance when things get confusing or challenging. Students will have the confidence and ability to apply their skills in everyday life and allow those skills to help progress with their life choices.  In turn, our students will leave The Horizon School and make a worthwhile contribution to society.


PSHE contributes to good literacy and emotional literacy skills are an essential part of any career path that students may go on to follow.  Horizon School ensures that students work towards their capabilities in achieving the level required for most job roles. 

This subject is related to the following careers and could lead to a pathway into:

social care

medical care

sports development



Positive Feedback

The staff at The Horizon School, Hartlepool take time to listen and build relationships with all the students.

Annais (Student)

I have a better relationship with the teachers at The Horizon School, Hartlepool. They listen to me and help me with my work

Sean (Student)

Teachers have high aspirations for pupils and their next steps in life...Pupils are well prepared to leave school after Year 11.

OFSTED Inspectors