“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

– Albert Einstein


Horizon School ensures that students participate in a curriculum and activities that guides and informs their motivation and conduct.  We aim to boost confidence, resilience and knowledge so that our students can keep themselves mentally healthy. 

 Our PSHE Curriculum ensures that students are taught how to live a healthy lifestyle, are equipped with knowledge and advice to ensure equality of opportunity and also what it means to live/work in an inclusive environment.  Students learn about, and find the opportunity to discuss, issues that will affect them in their lives now and when they move on in their next steps.

 Students are given access to a wide-range of experiences through the curriculum as a whole.  Taking into account their talents and interests, activities such as Right Trax, Groundworks, Forest School and football tournaments allow students to develop their confidence, resilience and independence.  They are given the opportunity to develop skills and attributes that will help them to become responsible, active citizens in modern Britain. 

British Values are a fundamental part of Horizon School throughout our everyday teaching and interactions.  To assist us in reinforcing these values, we use the Votes for School programme.  This is delivered throughout the school on a weekly basis and looks at current issues and events that impact across the country and world, allowing discussion and debate.  With such regular debate, pupils are able to form opinions on a range of issues and topics, helping them to develop their character and attitude.

As a school, we have a robust careers programme (see also CEIAG) that supports, encourages and assists pupils to make choices and plan for their next steps after school.  With the assistance of outside agencies and establishments, students are informed regularly of the choices available to them.

Our ethos of improving life chances is at the heart of everything do.

Positive Feedback

The staff at The Horizon School, Hartlepool take time to listen and build relationships with all the students.

Annais (Student)

I have a better relationship with the teachers at The Horizon School, Hartlepool. They listen to me and help me with my work

Sean (Student)

Teachers have high aspirations for pupils and their next steps in life...Pupils are well prepared to leave school after Year 11.

OFSTED Inspectors