“If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all.”
― John Cage  

Music Technology students at the Horizon School Hartlepool will have the opportunity to be creative in the way that they listen, explore and understand music.  Students will be able to critically analyse music, which in turn helps them to understand composition and performance.  Students will explore the cultural significance of different musical genres and develop and understanding of how the history of music and music technology has helped shape society as we know it today.  Students will have the opportunity to create and perform music that will draw on their existing strengths as well as develop new skills.

By the time students leave our school they will have learned how to analyse the structure of music and the different audio effects used in the production of many different genres of music.  Students will have recorded and performed their own DJ mix incorporating many advanced techniques.  Students will have analysed and evaluated the way film and different forms of media incorporate sound into their productions and investigated and experimented with different ways of producing Foley sound and sound FX.  Students will also have learned the skills to professionally mix down a piece of music using current industry standard equipment and software. 

These skills could potentially lead to a career as:

Director of Audio / Video Events


Music Producer


Music Director


Media and Event Support Specialist


Studio Engineer


Studio Manager




Recording Artist


Music Industry Program Specialist


Broadcast Engineer


Foley Artist



Radio Producer


Radio DJ Event Manager Sound Designer
Teacher Sound Technician Sound Engineer Live Sound Engineer


Positive Feedback

The staff at The Horizon School, Hartlepool take time to listen and build relationships with all the students.

Annais (Student)

I have a better relationship with the teachers at The Horizon School, Hartlepool. They listen to me and help me with my work

Sean (Student)

Teachers have high aspirations for pupils and their next steps in life...Pupils are well prepared to leave school after Year 11.

OFSTED Inspectors