Behaviour and Attitudes

We are very proud of all of our Students and their behaviour, conduct and attitude when they are in school and in the community.

Our Rewards and Consequences system is designed to reward positive behaviours and motivate our students and also encourages reflection and restoration in the rare event of any negative incident.


Horizon School Rewards and Consequence System




Behaviour displayed from student Action from staff


Behaviour displayed from student Action from staff

Learning behaviours that are:





Verbal recognition or positive feedback in marking – positive points Being off task Prompt/encouragement/verbal warning
Learning behaviour that goes beyond what has been asked Positive points awarded – class teacher to contact home for positive call


Further disengagement

Further warning – points affected


Points to be reviewed and explained at the end of each lesson

Constantly good learning behaviours in all lessons which results in good progress Commendation from class teacher and positive points – eligibility for 2pm reward each day


Disrupting the learning of others due to unacceptable behaviour, bad language.

Negative points and ineligibility for daily reward after school and lunch


Reflection time replaces reward


Contact home from class teacher

Excellent records for attendance, punctuality and behaviour across each half term

Eligibility for latest reward experience (every half term)


Possible referral to IYFA Panel for reintegration to mainstream.


Repeated unacceptable behaviour and not meeting the expectations of staff

Refer to SLT and further reflection – SLT contact home-


Loss of daily reward, ineligibility for half termly reward


Constantly making a significant contribution to school, excellent records for attendance, punctuality and behaviour and going above and beyond expectations each day

Commendation from Headteacher – further reward.


Possible referral to IYFA Panel for reintegration to mainstream.


Serious behaviour incidents: smoking, violence, threatening behaviour, repeated bad language, repeated refusal to follow instructions of staff, endangering self and others.

Refer to SLT.  FTE and parental meeting arranged


For any behaviour that endangers students or staff, Team Teach techniques may be applied to safeguard all students and staff



Suspension Trends

Year Number of Fixed Term Suspensions Number of Days Suspended
2017/18 78 251
2018/19 54 123
2019/20 6 12
2020/21 1 3
2021/22 0 0

Our Suspension (Fixed Term suspension/exclusion) data demonstrates the real impact of our reward and consequence system and students engage brilliantly in their learning. We are also proud to state that we have had 0 permanent exclusions from Horizon in 4 academic years.